One of the loveliest hotels
in Scena

… writes history

Anyone entering our holiday home-from-home will automatically pause for thought at the Prunner family tree. A picture on the staircase which awakens curiosity, amazement and respect. We have a particular pride in the sincere, hospitable zeal that has been a feature of our family for centuries.

For us it has long proven to be true that cordial hospitality is in the genes. To date, many generations of Prunners have forged the happiness of their guests. And we continue to consolidate this today, whisking you off on an exciting journey into the past.

A look back …


The Prunner’s documented family history dates back to the middle of the 15th century. Our forebears have always been farmers and innkeepers. The family’s ancestral home, ‘Oberwirt Hof’, comprised an impressive building and a barn with stables for cattle. Since it was in the centre of Scena, the Prunner family always provided a hub for people in the local area.


Johann Prunner (1770 - 1853), who built ‘Oberwirt’ and was a captain in the defensive forces in Scena played a significant role as privy councililor to Andreas Hofer in the coordination of the defensive battles against the French and Bavarians.


The Prunners lived in the Oberwirtshof for almost five centuries. The family eventually sold their ancestral home in the town of Scena and purchased the nearby ‘Buschenschank’ (tavern) with the revenue.


The family managed the ‘Buschenschank’ as an inn, gradually turning it into a hotel from around 1920 and providing options for guests to stay the night. In the beginning there was only a bathroom and a WC on each floor, later on running hot and cold water was provided for the rooms.

The welcome culture continued to grow

Our forebears were true pioneers in the early tourism of the interwar period. The hotel continued to be extended and upgraded, with particular attention paid to retaining its charm and traditional elements.

Conservation & development under one roof

The “shell” of our historic Hotel Schlosswirt universally reflects originality. Since our holiday home from home directly faces Scena Castle and has an impact on its look, the Schlosswirt is deemed as being particularly worthy of preservation. The exterior walls, with their lovely façade paintings, are conservation protected.

Walls remain, but the wheels of time continue to turn. And with them, so too our delight in progress. Our passion for being hosts makes us creative. The heart of our hotel and sections of our exterior area reveal our yearning for design elements. Moments of relaxation and comfort drive home the idea that your well-being is a concept that is preserved here with us too.

The Schlosswirt today

A convivial sit-down together, enjoying specialities, celebrating life with a nice drink, relaxing comfortably and replenishing your energy stores with the beauty of the natural surroundings. The positive energy of a long, authentic culture of hospitality resonates everywhere in our lovely hotel in Scena. Want to share in it? Come and visit us. Enjoy a natural culture of indulgence, at every turn.

A stay with style

Do you enjoy slumbering in a cosy bed? Our rooms and suites become your very own comfort zone, in the truest sense. Is it to be a little bit of Empress Sissi styling? Or would you prefer a contemporary, luxurious feel for your stay? In our variety-filled accommodation you get to enjoy all comforts – from sophisticated to rustic.

‘Romantic’ Suite


‘Kamin’ Suite


‘Erker’ Suite


‘Jäger’ Suite


Schlosswirt Suite


‘Emperor Franz Josef’ double room


‘Count of Merano’ double room


‘Empress Sissi’ double room


‘Kamin’ double room


‘Archduke Johann’ double room


Scena double room


Anna Plochl double room


Princess Elisabeth double room


Empress Sissi single room


Princess Elisabeth single room