In our 4-star Hotel Schlosswirt in Scena

Experience genuine tradition & cordial hospitality

The Schlosswirt. Our traditional hotel is situated in Scena’s historic town centre, nestling amidst the loveliest perspectives. Below us, the bustling spa town of Merano, above us, the historically significant Scena Castle. Sound a little bit like a fairy-tale? Well the Prunner family have made this a reality. Authentic tradition and cordial hospitality have been just as much a part of the family as the exceptional 4-star hotel in Scena itself.

Arrive and reap pleasure-filled moments. Nothing is easier than that in Hotel Restaurant Schlosswirt. Imbibe that welcoming feeling at our lovely Reception area, sample culinary highlights from our excellently rated cuisine, become a part of this paradisical panoramic world. In our holiday home from home in the heart of Scena none of your senses lose out.

A little view of your holiday near Merano in South Tyrol – look forward to time-out with happy moments – little and not so little. We are happy to ensure you enjoy unforgettable experiences!

A stay with style

Do you enjoy slumbering in a cosy bed? Our rooms and suites become your very own comfort zone, in the truest sense. Is it to be a little bit of Empress Sissi styling? Or would you prefer a contemporary, luxurious feel for your stay? In our variety-filled accommodation you get to enjoy all comforts – from sophisticated to rustic.

‘Romantic’ Suite


‘Kamin’ Suite


‘Erker’ Suite


‘Jäger’ Suite


Schlosswirt Suite


‘Emperor Franz Josef’ double room


‘Count of Merano’ double room


‘Empress Sissi’ double room


‘Kamin’ double room


‘Archduke Johann’ double room


Scena double room


Anna Plochl double room


Princess Elisabeth double room


Empress Sissi single room


Princess Elisabeth single room


Elevated cuisine

Welcome to our world of delicious food. Here quality local produce and seasonal freshness meet the passion and expertise of Head Chef “Mischi”. The result – unique menu creations that tempt you to enjoy a culinary adventure.

Gourmet half board

Happy from morning to night. Nothing is easier than that in our 4-star hotel in Scena. Celebrate your holiday morning with the aroma of coffee and delicious hearty food from our well-stocked buffet breakfast. And for its part, the evening glistens with a pleasure-filled 5-course menu. A delectable wine from our selection makes the flavour experience perfect.

À la carte restaurant

A place where everything is right. The luxurious restaurant ambience in dignified style and tastefully arranged details invites you to take a seat and indulge. We serve dishes typical of South Tyrol, Mediterranean and international cuisine, speciality steaks, pizza and more Epicurean indulgences.

A place in the sun …

…or under the evening sky. On our extensive panorama terrace enjoy various speciality ice-creams, heart-warming company, mild temperatures and the loveliest sights that Meraner Land has to offer. Insider tip: nowhere else is a sparkling aperitif at sunset better than here.


Relax with panoramic views

Adults-only wellness world above the rooftops of Merano. Rest and relaxation in a spacious area. Tranquillity, aromas, warmth. Beatific slowing down in our wellness oasis literally gets under your skin. The fantastic views to the mountains in Meraner Land are the dot on the “i” in idyllic.

Water, warmth,

Diver deeper

Offers for your holiday in Merano, South Tyrol

Lovely views in our 4-star hotel in Scena

Every season in sight. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Time-out is timeless. We know where the loveliest aspects lie.

Last minute offers & list of accommodation that is still available

to the offer
from € 938

Magical summer moments

to the offer
from € 846

7=6 My time-out in the Schlosswirt

to the offer
from € 1.008

Late summer magic & the start of autumn

to the offer
from € 375

November short stay 4=3

to the offer
from € 375

December short stay 4=3

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Active holiday

Holiday area
of distinction

Palms and cypresses, apple orchards and slopes filled with grape vines. And right in the midst of it all, a place with a picturesque village centre and fairytale-esque mo(nu)ments. Historically significant Scena sits enthroned in the heart of paradisical natural surroundings on a sun-blessed hill, which provides so many vistas. We consider ourselves lucky to call this home.

Sights worth seeing
in Meraner Land

Highlights that stimulate enthusiasm

Hiking joy

Every path a summit of pleasure

Cycling adventure

One saddle, two pedals &
so much fun

 Lovely, from every perspective

Those who don’t want to miss out are in with luck! The list of highlights in terms of nature and culture in Meraner Land is a long one. Lovely moments are there to be gathered.

Around our 4-star hotel in Scena enjoy sights and outdoor adventures that reach all your senses. Garner treasures to remember.

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