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Our wellness world

Spacious rooms and high-quality equipment invite you to relax and unwind during your stay.
We have, of course, retained the harmonious, classic lines of the Hotel Schlosswirt.


Classic full body massage

50 minutes € 69,-

This classic massage loosens the muscles, promotes blood circulation and provides inner balance and deep relaxation.

Partial massage

25 minutes € 39,-

Back and neck massage

Leg and foot massage

Facial massage

Reflexology massages

25 minutes: € 39,-
50 minutes: € 69,-

The precisely defined reflex zones are stimulated with a flowing pressure technique,
This stimulates the metabolism, activates the self-healing powers and improves the general well-being of the whole body.

Foot reflex zone: € 39,- at 25 minutes
Foot and body reflex zones: € 69,- at 50 minutes

Massage with different organic oils

50 minutes € 74,-

Organic arnica oil: activates and relaxes the muscles and vitalizes the tired body .

Organic mountain pine oil: the fresh, woody scent of mountain pine releases the the respiratory tract.

Organic rosemary oil: promotes blood circulation and a feeling of well-being on the skin.
Especially suitable for sore muscles, muscle tension, muscle cramps and in preparation for sports activities.

Relaxing massage with 100% natural CDB oil

50 minutes € 85,- 

Our treatment with 100% natural CBD oil regenerates and nourishes your skin, bringing it into balance.
The massage gives a unique feeling of softness and glow, while soothing sensitive areas of the skin.

Detoxifying massage (not available at the moment)

50 minutes € 74,- 

This massage is performed partly with massage cups and partly with hands.
It is ideal for gentle purification and stimulation of the lymph.
Swelling and congestion in the body can be treated specifically.
Has a decongestant and relaxing effect on heavy legs.

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